Clemens Puhe

Clemens Puhe has been business manager of SOKO Institute GmbH since 2005 and works mainly in Human Resources and Controlling. He has been demonstrating his knowledge in areas of planning, organization and implementation of research and development of projects working for SUNMILL GmbH as general manager since 2001. His research experience expands from his main focus "Renewable Energies" to customer satisfaction assessments in the area of traffic research. He is responsible for personnel planning and coordination and takes care of an unobstructed and efficient process of data collection.


Dr. Henry Puhe

Sociologist Dr. Henry Puhe can look back on many years of experience in the area of empirical social research, especially in the sectors of labor market, employment and education research. He has been the managing director and proprietor of SOKO Institute GmbH. He is the head of research and specifically experienced in the conception and development of questionnaires of quantitative and qualitative socio-scientific studies. Dr. Puhe is a member of the “Deutschen Vereinigung für Sozialwissenschaftliche Arbeitsmarktforschung e.V” (SAMF), and of the „Berufsverband deutscher Markt- und Sozialforscher“ (BVM).

Direct Dial: 0521 5242-100


Research Management

Rita Kleinemeier

Rita Kleinemeier has a diploma in economic studies and has been gaining experiences in empirical market and social research at SOKO Institute as research manager and data protection commissioner since 1994. She assumes, alongside Dr. Henry Puhe, responsibility for the operative implementation of CATI-surveys and manages the call-center of SOKO Institute. To her task fields belong data protection, administration and processing of random sampling, the coordination and regulation of VOXCO programming, Interview-Training and Quality Supervision during stages of data collection.


Dr. Rainer Paslack

Rainer Paslack is a sociologist, bioethicist, and human biologist. He passed his first German State Exam in German, Philosophy and Political Sciences at Philipps University in Marburg and received his diploma in sociology at Bielefeld University. He passed his doctoral thesis summa cum laude in human biology at the medical university of applied sciences in Hannover. Technological impact assessment in medicine genetic engineering, innovation and system research (theory of self-organization), applied ethics (especially bioethics) and studies of science and technology belong to his main research work.




Dr. Friedolf Ossyssek

Dr. Friedolf Ossyssek is a psychologist and data processing, IT-, SPSS-, and STATA-specialist. He has been supporting the institute since 1995. He is particularly specialized in programming of questionnaires with VOXCO software and the evaluation of collected data. Besides descriptive evaluations, he also engages in complex multivariate evaluation analysis. In addition, Dr. Ossyssek has a long-standing experience with calculations of projection factors, including the development and implementation of factorial weighting models.




Frederik Knirsch

Frederik Knirsch completed his bachelor degree in political sciences and economics in Münster and earned his master degree in (political) economics and sociology in Hamburg. During his studies he continuously gained work experience in various areas of economic, media and social research in Berlin (IÖW/Ramboll), Hamburg (NDR/GIGA) and Nairobi (TOF). Since August 2014, he works as study leader at the SOKO Institute in Bielefeld. His focus lies on empirical social research and statistical analysis of social and economic data. His research field involves project coordination, communication with external clients, as well as analysis and processing quantitative and qualitative surveys.


Supervision und Quality Assessment

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