The Call Center

The Call Center consists of five rooms which offer a pleasant work atmosphere and a direct assistance by experienced supervisors and project management. Through specialized expertise of supervisors in the areas of quality control, project management and problem solving, a professional implementation of research projects can be guaranteed.

SOKO Institute offers:

  • Latest data collection software for CATI/CAPI/CAWI surveys (mixed mode design is possible)
  • Support of qualitative CATI-Interviews through recordings and evaluation software
  • Professional supervision and quality assurance from beginning to end
  • Permanent, trained and experienced interviewers in the areas “B2B”, expert interviews, target group oriented surveys (clients, passengers, managers, the unemployed, teaching-staff, children and teenager etc.)
  • Frequent project specific communication and behavioral training and further advanced trainings
  • Multi-level recruiting and assessment test in selecting interviewers
  • Transparent mode of operation, direct communication between research staff, project management and partners
  • Written consent of all interviewing personnel to follow the current regulations of the Federal Data Protection Act and internal data protection regulations

Interviewer Field

  • A pool of ca. 150 freelance interviewers in the whole of Germany
  • Easily expandable fully equipped CAPI-stations
  • Careful selection of interviewers for each study
  • Multi-level training program
  • Experienced interviewers for population surveys, company surveys, passenger surveys, classroom interviews, in-depth and expert interviews
  • Multilingual interviewers (native languages English, Spanish, Turkish, Russian and more)

Online Surveys

The programming of the online survey is carried out with the established survey software
"LimeSurvey", which brings the following advantages for your online survey:

  • All relevant data (including the sensitive personal data of the potential participants) are at any time solely on the institute-owned server (in Germany), no data or content is outsourced to external providers.
  • All structural requirements (e.g. filter guidance) and design (e.g. by incorporating individual logos and text) of the online survey can be customized and implemented.
  • The online survey can be tested, interrupted, adjusted or stopped at any time.
  • Access to the online survey can be controlled by access keys, so that optionally, e.g. individual "personalized" access keys can be generated for each participant. As a result, the participation can be restricted to a particular participant or a person. Also, group-specific access keys can be created, which then apply to a group of participants or all participants.
  • A permanent control of return and control of the field of participants is possible and the answers can always be analyzed and evaluated.

Seminar & Conference Rooms

  • Technical equipment for sound and video-recording
  • An observation room with one-way mirror for participating observations of workshops, surveys and group discussions
  • Beamer and Flip-Charts for workshops