New Website: Interlinking of Refugee Research in Germany

Since 2015 at the latest, the issue of refugee migration is owed a plentitude of political and public discussion. Scientists in Germany have been analyzing and assessing this matter. They examine root causes of migration and flight, changing legal, political and economic circumstances, expectations and experiences of refugees, as well as the challenges of integration. The project website “Flucht: Forschung und Transfer” of the Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies (IMIS) of Osnabrück University and Bonn International Canter for Conversion BICC present an interactive map showcasing the diversity of the research landscape on the issue of “flight” in Germany.

The research project’s objectives are interlinking research, as well as knowledge transfer. Already 380 projects are registered in the continuously growing data base. With the help of keywords, projects from different disciplines and with specific regional priorities can easily be located. Through navigation for this interactive map, single research locations can directly be accessed.

Project Website: