Disability and Social Inclusion


The term inclusion has become prominent in politics and media recent years. It implies the equal participation of all people in society and the labor market. With the “Bundesteilhabegesetz” (BTHG), which was passed in 2016, multiple opportunities or the autonomy of persons with disabilities were created.

SOKO Institute has been conducting empirical studies in the areas disability and inclusion for many years and makes a significant scientific contribution to achieve an overview of the living conditions of persons with disabilities. Evaluations of working conditions of people with disabilities provide findings on the satisfaction and perception of working conditions from the perspective of employees, as well as their health conditions.

The projects, which are commissioned, for example, by the Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women & Youth (BMFSFJ) or the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, different target groups, especially people with different forms of disability, are being interviewed on their social inclusion. A multitude of survey instruments is used with which specific restrictions of respective target groups can be identified individually and the limitations of interview frameworks can be reduced.

Current Projects

Evaluation of State Program „Soziale Teilhabe am Arbeitsmarkt"

Customer: Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Period: January 2016 - June 2020

Completed Projects

No current information.